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The Scorpions 1965 - 2019



The Scorpions UK - The ‘Tail’ Continues!

The tale began in the 60s when The Scorpions from Manchester, England had a number one hit in Holland with 'Hello Josephine' in 1965. It stayed in the Radio Veronica charts for no less than 33 weeks!. More success followed with hits such as 'Ann Louise', 'Greensleeves' and 'Baby Baby Balla Balla'. All three entered the Top Twenty.

During their heyday The Scorpions appeared with Golden Earrings on the 'Tiener Top Show' and their proudest moment was playing alongside The Everly Brothers and The Supremes on the ‘Grand Gala Du Disque’ show in 1965.

The song they will always be remembered for is undoubtedly ‘Hello Josephine’. It re-entered the charts and got into the Top Ten in 1977, after a Scorpions reunion appearance on a TV show called ‘The Day the Music Died’. This was followed two weeks later by an appearance on ‘Top Pop‘.

The renewed interest in the group resulted in another album in 1978 called ‘My Own Way to Rock’ on the Telstar label. The Scorpions were preparing to return to Holland in 1984 but tragically, lead-singer Peter Lewis died of cancer.

The present line-up includes three members from 1965. They are:-

Lead singer and lead guitarist Graham Lee who played with the Scorpions during the 60s and 70s. Graham has also played with Billy J. Kramer and Wayne Fontana but considers several great years with Hermans Hermits, led by Barry Whitwam, to be one of the highlights of his career.

Tom Unthank on drums and Roy Smithson on keyboards, both played during the 60s and 70s with the Scorpions on many TV shows, gigs and recordings. Tom has been the resident drummer in a Manchester night-club for many years. He has also played drums for many top artists.

As well as playing on keyboards, Roy has provided the high harmonies on most of the Scorpions recordings and gigs.

Diccon Hubbard on bass guitar is a welcome addition to the band. He brings with him a wealth of experience and has played with Wayne Fontana, Billy J. Kramer and Dave Berry to mention a few.

Fans will be delighted to know that the Scorpions are making a new album due for release in early 2011.

Korte Nederlandse samenvatting: De Scorpions is een succesvolle Engelse formatie uit Manchester die in 1965 ruim 30 weken aan de top hebben gestaan met het nummer "Hello Josephine". Daarna volgende o.a. "Ann Louise" en "Greensleeves". Ze speelden tijdens het Grand Gala du Disque samen met o.a.The Everly Brothers. Tevens waren ze regelmatig te zien in TOP POP en waren éen van de hoogtepunten tijdens het afscheid van VERONICA in 1977. Op deze pagina van de website is een prachtige video te zien van dat TV-optreden, opgenomen in Scheveningen.
Zanger Peter Lewis is inmiddels helaas overleden, maar 3 andere leden van The Scorpions maken nu nog steeds deel uit van de groep. Zanger en sologitarist Graham Lee speelde ook nog een paar jaar bij o.a. Hermans Hermits. Verder zit Tom Unthank achter de drums, speelt Roy Smithson keybords en bespeelt Diccon Hubbard de basgitaar.

Begin 2011 komt er een nieuwe CD en zullen ze ongetwijfeld weer in Nederland te zien zijn.


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Periode 1965 - 1966:    
Periode 1965 - 1966:    
Periode 1965 - 1966:
The Scorpions (UK) in TV programma TWEEN (1966).
Periode 1977 - 1979

The Scorpions (UK) in 1977 bij Veronica op TV: The day that musique died.

Periode 1977 - 1979    

Periode 2006 - 2009:

Periode 2010    

THE SCORPIONS play's "Polk salad Annie"......


THE SCORPIONS play's "Crazy legs"......


Graham Lee of the Scorpions: "We are pleased to announce the release of our new cd -  'The End of The Tail' and would like to thank all those who placed advance orders and advise that we have started to send them across to Holland so you will receive them, soon".
Guestplayers: Ben Brekelmans on bass and Ruud Wegman on harmonica


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Graham guest-player with Mac Taple (Eindhoven 2022)




Video van het optreden in Vestzaktheater Son en Breugel (januari 2012):



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